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As Fıratpen manufacturer dealer, we provide quality and professional service.

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Welcome to the Ready PVC Joinery center.

With the experience of our facility established in Istanbul Bağcılar, it serves as a manufacturer company in Turkey's limited number of PVC windows, PVC doors, ready-made PVC joinery, Fıratpen PVC profile, gedizpen PVC joinery, pimapen windows and doors.

Quality Certificates

We are the leading company in ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 10002, ISO 9001 and ISO17025 the sector with certificates

Quality control

At every stage of production, quality control is applied with a rich machine park and equipment.

Modern Production Facility

PVC profile manufacturing and production is a serious business, it should be done within the framework of certain ISO norms.

Overseas Export

We export to the whole world with modern and technological equipment and sales points abroad.

Global brand

It has signed hundreds of projects in Turkey and abroad on PVC joinery and pimapen.

Rich Design Center

Rich designs, rational, developing qualities beyond the usual PVC joinery.

Portable Modular System

The installation can be the garden of a house, apartment or site, as well as large areas.

Product Catalogue

We are expanding our rich product portfolio with innovative and original designs every day.

Wide Product Range

Fıratpen, Gedizpen PVC Window, PVC Door, automatic shutter systems, pimapen auxiliary systems


All of PMK Plastik products are produced in our factory!!!

BEST Prices for PVC Window Door

Garnet 70 Serisi

Garnet 70 Serisi

Diamond 60 Series

Diamond 60 Series

NEW ERA ON 60 MM SERIES Our lives are being moved to new places. Our rising ....
Ready-made PVC Joinery from Fıratpen Manufacturer, We produce ready-made PVC joinery for your projects, batch works and retail works.details

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About us

Founded in 2000, our company has accomplished many successful projects with its innovative and modern structure. Our company, which was established with a focus on trust, quality and customers, carries out solution-oriented works with its corporate approaches and offers professional solutions to your PVC joinery needs.


We carry out solution-oriented works with corporate approaches and offer professional solutions to your PVC joinery needs. We supply the domestic market and tens of countries abroad, and we are expanding our export network day by day.


To add value to life by keeping human health, safety and comfort at the highest level. To represent our country in the best way in the field of PVC joinery worldwide and to make significant contributions to our country's exports.

Useful Information

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UPVC Window Door Profile Production Manufacturing

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How to Identify Quality PVC Slicing Profiles?

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Customer Feedback

If you have a PVC Joinery business in Big Project, Mass Housing or site constructions, you can work without thinking. A very corporate company

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Exporting PVC windows and doors abroad is not an easy task. Thanks for a smooth delivery and quality workmanship.

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Thank you for fast delivery of PVC window door installation, pimapen installation, quality of firatpen and excellent workmanship. We are satisfied, we recommend.

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Working Hours

We aim to improve ourselves and ensure the continuity of quality by keeping customer satisfaction in the first place.

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What is Ready Made PVC Joinery?

Ready-made PVC Joinery is the preparation of windows, doors or other joinery in the production facility and making them ready before assembly. As a ready-made Pimapen Joinery production center, it produces PVC window and door systems as well as pimapen profiles. There is a daily shuttle service to the entire Marmara Region. We produce flawlessly with our 1500 m2 production facility, 60 thousand Mtul monthly production capacity, CNC machines and experienced staff. We deliver PVC joinery to various parts of Anatolia by cargo or with our special vehicles. It is up to you to shape your quality ready-made PVC joinery as you wish. Our PVC joinery production continues with the quality of Fıratpen and gedizpen.

PVC Profile Prices

Ready-made PVC Profile Prices are one of the most frequently asked questions. "meter" is used to determine the total length of PVC profiles used in PVC window and door systems. They make calculations based on the definition of meter (m.tul) which is an industry standard for PVC Window Prices. Meter is the unit of calculation that includes the measurements of all the main profiles (Case, Window Wing, Door Wing, Middle Entry, Frame) that make up a tulle joinery. Calculation of prices in PVC window systems cannot be made in terms of m². Because different types of PVC joinery can be made within a size of 1 m². Due to these differences, the amount of PVC profiles used in joinery also varies.

PVC Joinery Benefits

The Advantages of Ready-made PVC Joinery ensures that the process is fast and the installation is completed earlier, especially for companies that assemble PVC windows and doors. Fıratpen PVC Door and Window Systems are easy to maintain and require less time for maintenance. It is long lasting and serves for years as durable systems that do not fade. As PMK Plastik, Fıratpen manufacturer dealer, Fıratpen PVC Window and door systems are designed while saving and efficient use are taken into consideration as well as your living comfort. PVC window systems consist of structures expressed as plastic joinery or pimapen joinery.