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Selenit 75 PVC Windows

Selenit 75 PVC Windows



  • This series is suitable for all glass thicknesses from 4 mm to 44 mm.
  • It provides sound insulation up to 43 decibels with the acoustic glass option.
  • High water impermeability is provided by the design that facilitates water discharge.
  • Sash sagging is prevented by the applicability of hinge reinforcement steel.
  • Aesthetical integrity is provided by the oval glazing bead structure.
  • Special design triple sealing system definitely does not permeate air and water. Triple sealing system is available at Selenit Strong Series and Selenit Selective Strong Series which have Class “A” Wall Thicknesses.
  • It offers different insulation solutions with single, double and triple glazing beads.
  • It provides excellent heat insulation with 6 chambered frame and sash profiles.




  • All system profiles of the Selenit Series have a width of 75 millimeters.
  • Together with the detailed profiles that are integrated in main profiles, they are able bring a solution to each architectural and technical detail.
  • Window molding profiles are suitable for usage with triple-glass windows up to 44 millimeters.
  • The system is suitable for usage with 13-axis espagnolettes.
  • The resistance values of the system enable its usage on high-rise structures.
  • The lamination type that comes in 21 different colors and textures provides you with choices for both indoor and outdoor use.



Wind Load Resistance


  • During design stage of Selenit 75, it was taken care for the moments of inertia belonging to the support sheets to be used within the system and the “wind load resistance” depending on these was at the highest level.
  • The series offers new solutions that can be utilized safely to provide coverage for high-rise structures and wide spaces.
  • The grillage profiles in the system can easily meet the ideal resistance values required for coverage of wide spaces in respect to architectural design.
  • The high endurance values of the Selenit system passed the 3.000 Pa (245 km/h) safety test successfully and was categorized in class C3 in regard to wind load resistance.



Water and Air Impermeability


  • Special design triple sealing system definitely does not permeate air and water. Triple sealing system is available at Selenit Strong Series and Selenit Selective Strong Series which have Class “A” Wall Thicknesses.
  • Prevention of air passage from outdoors to indoors, which is necessary for energy saving, was improved with a middle gasket in addition to inner and outer gaskets.
  • The profiles were designed as to discharge rainwater to outdoors by formation of inclines and drainage channels on them.
  • The system did not leak any water inside and proved its high quality while under tests carried out with 600 Pa (110 km/h) wind load and 4 liters of rainwater per minute.



Heat Insulation


  • In accordance with the standard TS EN ISO 10077-2, the Selenit System achieved the values Uf:1,02 W/m2 °K -Uw: 0,94 W/m2 °K according to the results of the test with Ug: 0,6 W/m2 °K glass of 1,23 m x1,43 m dimensions.
  • The main profiles of the Selenit Series have 6 wide cells. This enables them to minimize thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • Insulation performance has been upgraded to the best possible level for PVC window system with 3rd mid-sealing at Selenit Strong Series and Selenit Selective Strong Series.The profile designs of the Selenit Series were made as for the thermal conductivity coefficient values to be at minimum levels.

Sound Insulation


  • The sound insulation properties of the Selenit Series provide the noiseless environment that is necessary for life quality in the best way.
  • It is possible to achieve sound insulation up to 43 dB with Selenit window systems.
  • The Selenit Series ensures normal noise levels even in environments such as airports, railroads, etc. where sound levels are very high.
  • The glasses with acoustic properties which will be used with the system makes it possible to reach sound insulation levels as high as 43 dB.


The Selenit Series, designed at the highest level of aesthetics, performance and durability standards, offers a new window for modern structures. The series was developed for those who were looking for a solution that captures the zeitgeist under the changing life culture and living space concepts. The Selenit Series offers a complete system with its 75-millimeter profile width, 6-cell design and 3rd gasket option, which enable it to achieve the highest levels of performance.

The calculations were made by using a glass unit with a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0,6 W/m2K for a window with dimensions of 1,23x1,43m in accordance with the standard TS EN ISO 10077-2.

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