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WC Doors


WC PVC toilet doors are designed for pimapen toilet doors. They work like Toilet Doors or Wc Doors. It makes a difference in home decoration and upholstery. It is easy to maintain, durable and resistant to damage. They come in a variety of designs and colors so there are plenty of options for a beautiful home without having to compromise on quality. While it can have handles from both sides, locking can only be done from the inside without a key. Different thresholds can be applied. It is possible to warn and inform the outside by using different arm applications. The greater the width, the greater the risk of causing problems.
 Due to the nature of the humidity and humidity of the toilet, a door that is resistant to water and rust should be selected. As PMK Plastik, all Toilet Doors are made of PVC Joinery, waterproofing pimapen frame, light and low maintenance. Normally the toilet door size is relatively smaller than other doors in the house. Therefore, if you have a small bathroom shared even by two rooms, it is extremely important to choose a door that can maximize the door opening area.

WC Doors

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